Bryan Jones - Principal

Bryan Jones ESP

Project Assignment:

Communications Systems,

Security Systems and Information Technology Design


B.S. / 1998 / Geology / Clemson University


BICSI Registered Communications Distribution
Designer (RCDD)

Experience and Qualifications:
Mr. Jones is an AV multi-media and IT communications infrastructure designer with expertise in several areas of technology. Since joining ESP, he has been responsible for information technology (IT) planning and communications infrastructure design for numerous college buildings and K-12 school projects. His responsibilities included working with the client and architect on classroom layouts, detailed design of telecommunications rooms, infrastructure design, and the design of classroom technology systems. In addition, Mr. Jones is responsible for telephone systems design, including Centrex, PBX, and VoIP solutions on multiple projects as well as design and specification for intercom and other intra-building communications systems. He is a specialist in the design of classroom technology systems that integrate AV presentation, electronic whiteboards, and sound enhancement systems. He has experience designing video systems such as full TV studios with imaging labs, distance learning labs and mobile video conferencing systems.

An additional area of responsibility is overseeing physical security systems designs for ESP. These systems include Intrusion Detection, Electronic Access Control and Video Surveillance systems and are part of ESP’s full scope of technology design and planning services.

Mr. Jones manages the CAD/Revit services for ESP and coordinates these services with architects and engineers to supply them with the required drawings in the proper formats.