R. Scott Boyd - President

Scott Boyd ESP

Project Assignment:

Facilities Planning and Information Technology Design


  • B.S. / Management Sciences & Statistics/ University of Maryland, 1998 Member
  • BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), 2002

Experience and Qualifications:

Mr. Boyd was hired by ESP as a network designer in 2000. He has been responsible for managing information technology (IT) planning, communications infrastructure design, site assessment and facilities planning projects for over forty (40) major school renovation or new construction projects. His responsibilities include all aspects of project planning: assigning resources, developing true scopes of work, establishing or verifying construction budgets, and maintaining a deep knowledge of the school technology and construction fields.

Project Management:

Mr. Boyd excels at developing consensus with the three primary fields at play in our market: Technology, Construction, and Education. Each of these entities has a unique set of criteria and creates challenging requirements for each individual project. In order to meet these criteria, Mr. Boyd has become adept in reaching important decision makers, and establishing design criteria that add value to each project.

Facilities and Learning Space Design:

Mr. Boyd is working with several school districts and architects to implement a technology design and classroom layout that best utilizes the advance of fiber optic technology to the classroom. He demonstrates an ability to innovate so that current educational trends are complimented by the technology in the classroom. Mr. Boyd’s responsibilities include design of CAD labs, design engineering technology labs, science labs, and media communications and imaging labs.

Infrastructure Design:

Mr. Boyd has received his Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification from BICSI, as of March, 2002. As a certified designer, he provides an expertise in the design phase that profits his clients throughout the design and life of the building. This certification also helps to guarantee a professional approach to coordination with all other design team members.